Get cracking and come and join us

Get cracking and come and join us


Get cracking with your health goal
Time to question what you want to be
Slimmer, fitter, in better shape?
Write it, believe it, make it reality.

Get cracking with your diet
Time to ditch the chocolate and fries
Choose fresh and lean and green
To become a healthier size.

Get cracking with your workout
Time to start burning the fat
Pom Poms, Aerobics, Circuits, HiiT
Will certainly take care of that.

Get cracking with your journal
Time to write down those calories
Everything you eat, everything you burn
When the maths is right, the rest’s a breeze.

Get cracking with your classes
Time to catch up with the crew
For support and laughs and loads of fun
On your journey to a trimmer you.

Get cracking with your future!
Time to start making headway
Moment by moment, step by step
Treading a healthier path today.


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