Healthy tips from us to get you back on track

Healthy tips from us to get you back on track

Here are a few tips to get you back on the healthy path…..

1.Plan – meals, snacks, drinks!

We plan everything down to the last euro we take going on holidays! Put as much planning into your diet and lifestyle and you will see the benefits – making a shopping list, restock with all the healthy stuff again.

2.Keep motivated – if you decide you want to cut back on sugar/ fat etc – think of the benefits – you will have more energy, clearer skin, lose weight. This will keep you motivated not to go back to where you came.

3.Making a new habit is easier than breaking an old one – eventually the old one will disappear because you are working so hard to commit to the new habit.

This summer I want you to join me in taking 6 small steps to a healthier lifestyle – over the next 6 weeks. We are going to focus on making one small change/new habit each week. I won’t be giving you a long list of things to give up! I am going to give you positive things that you can add or change in your life which will start to improve your health. By focusing on one small thing each week, it will be easy for you to remember to do it each day and will give you time to adjust and start to turn it into a habit before making the next change.

Drink More Water 

This week we are going to try and drink more water. The NHS recommends you drink 1600ml to 2000ml a day but if you don’t tend to drink much at the moment that can seem like a huge amount. So we are not going to focus on reaching that goal. I don’t want people drinking 8 glasses of water the first day, feeling like it is too much effort and then stopping! So instead we are just going to try to add 3 extra glasses of water to our diet every day.

Pick 3 times in the day when it will be easy for you to remember to do it, and when you can easily pour yourself a drink of water. I always make sure I drink a glass before a meal as it is really easy to remember. Before you eat breakfast or drink your first cup of coffee in the morning, drink one large glass of water. Stand at the sink and drink the whole glass in one go (if you carry it around and put it down, the chances are you will forget about it). Do the same at lunch and before dinner. Just make sure that this is EXTRA water on top of what you would normally drink during the meal.If you can stick to it this week and continue to build the habit over the next 6 weeks, you will be drinking approximately 600ml more water a day than you are doing now and without even thinking about it – brilliant!

Finally – I read recently that ‘we only need to eat for one minute to give our bodies enough fuel for one hour!’

Think about this – how many minutes in the day do you eat? When you are eating (and drinking) are you giving your body the best possible nutrients you can or are you filling up with empty calories?

Exercise will not cure being overweight- it is so important not to put something in our bodies in the first place. It’s not as easy as eating what we want and burning it off with exercise afterwards.

You are in charge of your own successes or failures and the person who has most to gain from succeeding is you! Have a great week and good luck with your new healthy habit! Water !!


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