Something About Mary

My award for being one of 100 Inspiring Women in Lincolnshire

What are you most passionate about Mary?

“I am passionate about helping people improve their health and fitness, especially those who are overweight and generally unfit. I belong to a network of We are all girls who are are fully qualified, professional weight management and fitness coaches provide regular support to thousands of people every week.”

How did you get into diet & fitness?

Just like everyone I have a story…. two children, birthday parties, depression, surgery, so I am normal after all and yes crept weight on. So, I either wallowed or did something about it. I hated sport at school, was rubbish at it, and to say I was a little bit unfit was an understatement, but I dragged myself to my first ever aerobics class and that was it, I became hooked. The music was great, the moves were simple and I didn’t feel like an idiot, in fact I loved it so much that in the year 2000 I qualified as a fitness instructor!

Once an instructor I also qualified as a Post 16 Adult Education teacher enabling me to write and deliver healthy living programmes to parents in schools. I also instructed Cardiac rehabilitation classes for 5 years

In 2006 I bought a Rosemary Conley Franchise and was trained by the best instructors in the business and qualified in nutrition as well as fitness. When the Rosemary Conley Corporation franchisor went into administration, I saw this as an opportunity, along with the support of my wonderful members, to ‘go it alone’ forming …………….  Slim and Shape Up

What’s different about Slim and Shape Up Classes?

“I will help you adapt your current approach to food and drink, focusing also on your lifestyle, habits and on your continued long term success. There are no ‘gimmicks’ and remember we are ‘FAD’ free, have a realistic approach and here to bring you affordable advice all in one session.”

What kind of eating plan (diet) do you use in your classes?

“I am helping my members to banish their belly fat and I encourage good old fashioned back to basic eating. You can receive a FREE 14 day Nutritional plan when you join. However I know that `one style` does not suit all so I have several plans full of ideas to fit into your lifestyle  I do not agree with faddy diets, they do not help you to sustain weight loss.  At our classes I work to help the clients change their eating and exercise habits for life.”

What do you do at an a Slim and Shape Up Fitness class?

“We offer both exercise and nutrition as part of an approach to losing weight. Our weekly groups are welcoming and provide motivation and support to help you get in shape. You can access a confidential one-to-one consultation and set your own goals.”

What type of exercise do you do at these classes?

We have a vast range of exercise styles on offer at our classes.  At my classes in Lincolnshire it can be Old School Classic Aerobics (OSCA) or HiiT, cheerleading, hoops, balls and bands, and also have lovely relaxing stretching components.  You can be assured we will make sure you workout at your own pace and to your own level.  Many people in our classes are nervous about starting an exercise plan, we are used to this, we are here to help and support you all the way.



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