Carolyn R

Thank you for your cheerfulness and your super classes, I love them.

Janet A

The fact I’ve been going to Mary’s classes for umpteen years is a testament to it’s appeal.Where else can you get advice and information about health and fitness, enjoy exercising at your own level, and make lots of like minded friends? At the same time as being encouraged by a friendly, non judgemental and understanding instructor?Not only that, it’s a social club too. I like going on the shopping days, outings to popular shows, meals out and social projects. There’s something for everyone if you choose. What’s not to like?

Lynn W

Hi everyone, I’m  Lynn and have been coming to slim and shape up 3 times a week for a few years now. I’ve always tried to keep active even though I have had arthritis  in my joints for 15 years.
It’s not always been easy to keep up my exercising, but I believe I’ve kept my condition at bay, and anyway I would have totally seized up had I not exercised! There were certainly times when I didn’t feel like attending class, due to constant pain, but I have found inspiration from not only Mary herself, (she knows all about issues)but from other class members going through their own stuff!! One thing is true, we must continue to keep ourselves as healthy and active as possible,  we only get one life.So, in December this year, I had my hip replaced, the first two weeks were not easy, but ringing in my ears were my surgeons words, I’ve done my bit, now its up to you to do yours. 3 weeks later I was back at class with my crutches, and with Mary’s agreement and encouragement  and adaptions to the routines,wondering if I would ever get back my fitness. I continued for 4 weeks then progressed to 2 classes a week. I’m now 9 weeks down the line and enjoying being at class with you all, my confidence has grown, we girls are tougher than we think!! So its Thanks to you all, and lovely Mary, for all the support and encouragement,  so if I can offer any inspiration to anyone who is struggling to keep going, then all the better! Thanks to you all, Love Lynn   (Sorry it was so long!!)

Sue T

Love these classes, something different every week. Works all the different parts of the body using resistance bands, bender balls, poles etc.If you’re not able/wanting to do any mat work, the chair work is just as good.

Debbie R

I really enjoy CardioTone because it’s a good workout, I like working independently, I work my joints and we have a laugh.


When I took early retirement, I was somewhat concerned about keeping fit and maintaining social contact. I need not have worried on either front. Prior to retiring, I used to attend one of Mary’s classes each week. After retiring, I increased the number of weekly classes that I attend. These have given me the opportunity to maintain a level of fitness through engaging and sometimes challenging exercises plus the chance to meet lots of lovely ladies, who have varied and interesting back stories. Although I go to several classes a week, each one is different as Mary will adapt the routine to suit the participants. Through various props, Mary keeps us on our toes and puts our brains through its paces. I never thought that I would actually be able to hula hoop but Mary made that possible. Mary is excellent at modifying particular exercises to enable individuals with specific needs, such as returning from illness, awaiting surgery, new starters, etc. to join in. The classes are fun and I especially enjoy the themed ones, like those for Christmas, when Mary puts extra effort into making normal exercises special for the occasion. Being a premiere member is such exceptional value, that I was feeling guilty about the rate per class that I was paying that I recently voluntarily increased my contribution. Mary is a very caring lady and ensures that every effort is made to look after our complete well-being. I am so pleased that I saw the banner advertising her class and went along. Thank you.