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  • Live in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Louth, Caistor, North Thoresby , Holton- le -Clay or surrounding areas?

  • Not a fan of going to the gym?

  • Feel you just couldn’t keep up?

  • Concerned you will be the “odd one out”?

  • Want to get motivated?

  • Want to exercise with like minded, and like bodied people just like you?

If you are fed up of the fitness world, the media and pretty much everyone telling you to be a certain way, well we are here to say you are enough.   Slim and Shape Up run fitness/ Nutrition / weight management  classes  to help you feel good, relaxed, encouraged, and happy.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking to change your body, your mood or your lifestyle, you will not be alone at Slim and Shape Up.

I recently asked some of my lovely members to give me three words to describe how they felt before they joined our classes

FAT, FED UP & FRUMPY were amazingly the top three responses.

My next question was “What stopped you from joining a class before?” the answer really shocked me. For most it was the thought of walking into a room full of Lycra Clag, teenage, stick insects all bouncing around looking perfect.

Well I can promise you, when you come to Slim and Shape Up  you will find a warm welcome and real women, we all have the same hang ups and we all want the same thing, to be a little bit leaner and to get a little bit thinner, but (and it’s a BIG BUT) we all want to have a good laugh while we do it. So, you will find fabulous music, easy to follow routines and no pressure to be perfect. You will also meet some of the nicest people ever.

My name is Mary Ramsden and I have been running my fitness classes in the Lincolnshire area since the millennium year 2000. My passion is to make exercise fun and uplifting whilst helping people to get fitter, healthier and lose weight. Our classes are for everyone!

Just like everyone I have a story…. you can read all about me, my passions and experiences  by clicking here

I ‘d love to meet you at Slim and Shape Up.

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