Fed up with wearing the clothes that fit but not really the clothes you want? Tried every diet out there?

Me too, until I decided to not be paranoid about `you can’t have this, you can’t have that`. Now I just eat good healthy food in sensible portions and moderation AND EXERCISE.

I’m now 2 stone lighter so I know it works.

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My Story

After having two children, many birthday parties and coffee mornings, I began to put a fair bit of weight on. So, one day I decided it was time to get myself into shape. I hated sport at school, was rubbish at it (especially the hurdles), and to say I was a little bit unfit was an understatement, but I dragged myself to my first ever aerobics class and that was it, I became hooked.The music was great, the moves were simple and I didn’t feel like an idiot, in fact I loved it so much that in the year 2000 I qualified as a fitness instructor!

It was the start of an amazing journey in the profession that I adore. I’ve helped hundreds of people, running classes of various aerobics styles (traditional and latest styles) including aquacise, HiiT  and circuit training for clients who needed cardiac rehabilitation. On continuing my professional development I qualified as a Post 16 Adult Education teacher level 4 writing and delivering healthy living programmes to parents in schools.

I know it’s not easy but hope that my own battle with my weight makes me sympathetic to the struggles and temptations that life throws at us. I will do my best to support you and help you in your journey to good health. We get one body and I believe we should look after it to the best of our ability and help those we love do the same.

I have been teaching in the fitness industry for the last 16 years. In 2006 I bought a Rosemary Conley Franchise and was trained by the best instructors in the business and qualified in nutrition as well as fitness. With the Rosemary Conley Corporation franchisor went into administration, I saw this as an opportunity, along with the support of my wonderful members, to ‘go it alone’.

I am absolutely delighted now offer you Slim and Shape Up.

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