BBQ Tips and Ideas

BBQ Tips and Ideas

B – Beefburgers and sausages  – make your own beefburgers with low fat mince and buy low fat sausages there are plenty on the market now.


A – Additions – Watch out for sauces and dressings.  Choose low fat options such as ketchup, mustard, and pickle and avoid creamy dressings and things such as coleslaw, potato salad etc.


R – Rest in between.  Don’t rush! Be the last to get your food and enjoy each mouthful!


B – Beverages.  Consume with care.  Turn your glass of wine into a spritzer by adding soda water.  It will last longer.  Sip it slowly then move onto low calorie soft drinks.  Remember alcohol are hidden calories!


E – Eat well.  Just choose carefully and stop when you are full!


C – Chicken is great on a barbeque.  Serve breast portions with the skin removed before cooking.  Marinade in low fat marinade – Balsamic vinegar is good for this.


U – Unusual.  Try unusual items on the BBQ such as vegetable kebabs, corn on the cob, fish (get your members to come up with their ideas).  It doesn’t all have to contain fat and protein!


E – Enjoy the company – it’s a social occasion not an eating frenzy!


S – Sweets and puddings.  Bake some fruit on the barbeque or prepare a fruit salad.  Watch the calories in ready prepared desserts.  If eating at a friends house take a pudding you can eat and then share with friends, a hostess is always grateful of an extra item at the table!


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