Firework foodie ideas inc fab recipe

Firework foodie ideas inc fab recipe

So Bonfire weekend is here…
there’s no need to pay a fortune for soggy burger buns and limp hot dogs when you can make your own to go. Whether you need the perfect snack pack or a meal on the move, try these traditional treats and clever sharers this Bonfire Night…

Dinner Outdoors
Want to feed hungry hordes but struggling to keep them inside? Create sausage-style pastries with healthier borlotti beans, full of slow-release energy and delicious hot or cold. Traditional baked spuds are a staple this time of year, so prepare our Bonfire Night baked potatoes by scooping out the middle and mixing with cheese, bacon and parsley. Return to their shells, cook a little longer then wrap in foil to keep warm until you’re ready to tuck in. Just don’t forget the spoons!

Snack Pack Perfect
If you’re heading out to ooh and ahh with the masses, pack your winter picnic with cheesy treats, which will keep as long as you need them to. Enjoy campfire cakes topped with mini marshmallows or hand out date & apple squares for a natural energy boost.

Sweetest treats
If you have a penchant for spiced parkin or a love of traditional toffee, complete your Bonfire Night with the perfect sweet treat. As much fun to make as they are to eat, classic toffee apples will always have their place on fireworks night, while modern twists such as toffee popcorn bark will travel easily and will last you all night.

Staying close to home?
If you haven’t far to go before the show, you can cook up a storm and hand out hot favourites on the way out the door to keep everyone toasty warm. Hot dogs are a classic favourite and sealing them inside big flour tortillas will help keep in the heat for a little longer. Warming your mitts round a fire? Pre-prepare a simple chocolate fondue and, when you’re ready, thread your marshmallows onto skewers, toast and get dipping!
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   You will need:

Chocolate finger biscuits
Small bowl of hot water
Small bowl of sugar strands (hundreds and thousands)
Greaseproof paper


Dip one end of a biscuit into the hot water and then into the sugar strands. Place on greaseproof paper and leave to set. Simple, quick and kids love them!


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