Healthy Tips from our members

Healthy Tips from our members

Sometime ago I asked my members could they share some healthy tips that has made them successfully in their quest to live a healthier lifestyle.

we decided that we`d like to share them with you, so here goes………………..

Be organized with your food, plan, plan, plan

Use a low fat salad cream / sauce instead of marg or butter

Walk all short journeys

Get on your bike

Keep a journal of food diary to record and see all your food and drink you really consume

If you cant get to class try another class or do a DVD

Weigh your food

Look in the mirror with no clothes on

Get a funky Cd and dance whilst you do the housework

Eat what you like, when you like just don’t swallow it!

Make healthy eating part of your life

Put on an Elvis CD its impossible to sit still

Keep some of your largest clothes

Every time you’re in the kitchen have a class of water instead of eating something naughty

Eat less, exercise more

Chat to other members, get their ideas

30 mins before food have a glass of water, will help fill you up

Never shop when you’re hungry

Count every calorie cos every calorie counts

When preparing food or washing up pull your stomach muscles in

A body massage will help shift toxins, fluids sluggishness and regenerate you

Thin down mayonnaise with a low fat fromaige frais

Use a smaller plate cos you’ll think youre eating more

Use 2 x water bottles instead of weights  to tone arms and add resistance

As previous but drink them as you go for a walk

Get busy when you are hungry.

Get ideas for low fat cooking via internet, library, supermarket, or magazines

Buy a `Kandoo` soap dispenser and keep it in the kitchen as a reminder

Stay focused and positive; keep setting a small achievable goal

Use fresh lemon juice as a zesty and low cal salad dressing

If you’re an evening picker do plenty of ironing, take up a hobby i.e crosstich or crossword

Eat lots of fruit and veg

On short journeys walk instead of the car

Park further away from the venue or supermarket etc

Remember all the `W`s Walk, Water n Weigh

Try flavored water for variety (but keep an eye on calories)

Don’t ban favorite food, enjoy a small portion from time to time. Banning encourages craving more

And finally ………      Be nice to yourself

If you have a bad day don’t beat yourself up

Congratulate yourself on how many good days you’ve had

You’ll realize the one bad day isn’t going to spoil it all

Remember how you’ve progressed since you started,  a healthier new you?



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