What type of Eater are You?

What type of Eater are You?

Do you graze all day, overeat when you’re having a few drinks, or mostly grab-and-go prepared food?

HANDS UP IF YOU’RE SURPRISED when you step on the scales to find you’ve put on weight. After all, you’ve hardly had lunch all week and usually eat a low-cal dinner (it could be your grazing habit that’s to blame). Or perhaps it’s that sandwich you pick up every day from the café (it’s loaded with hidden fats). Understanding your food choices and the type of eater you are could be the key to losing weight…

Which of the following sounds like you?



You’re big on foodie get-togethers – likely to have friends or family over as often as twice a week.
The problem Entertaining can mean drinks, nibbles and extra courses – and calories.
Fix it Instead of crisps, serve vegetable crudités or breadsticks with tzatziki or salsa – and prepare either a starter (such as veg soup, salad or seafood) or a dessert (such as fruit salad or fresh berries) – but not both.


You stick with what you know and eat the same meal up to three days in a row. You hate throwing food away.
The problem Those favourites may not be prepared as healthily as possible.
Fix it Add more veg, use a spray oil, replace meat with chicken or fish and serve higher-fibre sides, such as wholewheat pasta or brown rice. And experiment with the easy, tasty recipes in HFG every month!


You tend to be short on time and rely on grab-and-go options, especially on their way to and from work.
The problem If you buy a lot of prepared food, you may not know exactly what’s in it.
Fix it Use cafés and sandwich shops that display calories, fat and salt so you can opt for the healthiest wraps, sandwiches and salads. If you eat out a lot, check calories on menus or look for nutrition info online.


You find it difficult to fit in three square meals a day, preferring to eat little and often.
The problem You’re not always aware of how much you’re eating when it isn’t served on a plate.
Fix it There’s nothing wrong with snacking if you choose the right sort of snacks and eat a variety. Opt for fruit, low-fat yogurt, unsalted nuts, seeds, low-fat soup, or oatcakes, wholegrain toast or crackers with a little peanut butter or reduced-fat cheese. And watch portions.


Taken from The Healthy Food Guide


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